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Questions people have about the free first time home buyer class before they start.

Some people may wonder why they should take a home buyer course at all and those with specific mandates to take a first time home buyer class may wonder which type of certificate they need. This page attempts to answer these types of questions before a person gets started with the free online first time home buyer instruction.

As I will remind people when they prepare for the test, homeownership for most first time home buyers, comes with more unpleasant surprises than they might have imagined. That does not mean that people should ignore the challenge, but it does mean that you need to prepare yourself as best as you can, because not only can these unexpected events be more unpleasant if you do not know how to deal with them, but in some cases poor planning or flawed responses in a crisis situation may lead to foreclosure. Donít forget foreclosure means not only losing your home, but losing your down payment, sweat equity in the home and your credit all in one swoop.

This course should prepare you to better deal with the steps needed to buy a home for the first time as well as helping you to budget in order to keep your payments current. We will go over the steps leading to the purchase of your first home as well as some help on what to do if you run into trouble after you have bought the house.

If you never owned a home before you ought to take the free online home buyer class just because it costs nothing and it could help you through the process, in short, itís just a good idea, even if no one requires you to do it.

Some people may have been told by their lender that they must complete a home owner class as a condition of being granted a mortgage. Often lenders demand a homeowner finish either a four hour or an eight hour HUD designed first time home buyer course. Our free online first time homebuyer class serves to fill the requirement of the four hour class for most lenders.

If you register for free at the start of the course we can track your progress and allow you to take the test and earn a certificate. In any case, I would suggest you read all pages, pay attention and read the supplemental materials as suggested. If you wish to take the test, I would most strongly implore you to follow that advice. The test will be very hard, although the passing grade is fairly low.

As you look for a house, enter into negotiations, deal with agents, contractors, lawyers and banks, few of them will take you by the hand and give you special treatment because you never went through the process of buying a home before. Certainly if you end up behind on your mortgage no bank is going to give you extra time or forgive a payment because you donít know the right way to proceed. If you want to keep your home, you better learn how, and that serves as our goal.

Certain people may find the course too difficult and the test too hard. While this free first time homebuyer class came into existence to help people buy a home, not prevent them from buying a home, keep in mind that owning a home is not the right choice for everyone, some people should remain renters. Failure with this home buying class should not necessarily mean you should give up on a dream of owning your own house, but failure here should certainly make you think twice and review the choice to buy a house with extra care.

As for the certificate itself, if your bank did not require you to enroll in a course you donít need a certificate unless you want one for yourself. If the bank did insist you provide evidence that you completed a first time homebuyer class, the certificate you get to print yourself, assuming you pass the test, meets the criteria the bank wants 99% of the time. In very rare cases the bank wants a copy with a raised seal, but figure thatís not needed unless your lender sees the regular one and demands the special one. Most people who opt for the nicer copy with the raised seal order it because they want to frame it and hang it on their wall. Perhaps they exude that much pride because they passed the test, or in other cases they work in the real estate industry and want others to notice their achievement. We donít want to push anyone to buy something they do not need. We offer the nicer Course Completion Certificate for those who want one, but almost no one needs it to obtain a mortgage, and certainly itís not needed by those who were not required to take the class by the lender unless they wish to display it.

Once you complete the free online first time homebuyer class and pass the test, you will receive and email with your completion certificate attached as an Adobe .pdf file with your name right on it. You will need an Abode reader, which most people have on their computer even if they donít know it. Simply print the certificate on your own home printer. You may forward that email to your lawyer or lender and they can print it too. If you do not see the email look in your junk folder, because itís an email with a file attachment certain email programs suspect itís spam. If you passed the test and donít see the email you can follow instructions provided at the test stage.

Good luck with the class, we hope you learn a great deal and become a happy homeowner!

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