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New home buying mortgage loans from Financial Firebird Corporation   Learn about all the problems with buying a home before you buy a house with this free online homebuyer course.
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Homebuyer Education Online Course*


Buying a new home? Take our free online course before you buy your house!

Welcome to our first time homebuyer course! Buying your first house likely represents the greatest financial commitment you have ever made. At the same time owning your first house comes with a special pride in your new home that sometimes rivals that of a new child. While these joys should be relished, the liability and responsibility of new home ownership should not be downplayed. Each free chapter, or class, should help provide an education for those who have no experience buying a house and those who may be buying a house for the second or third time too. You will learn about selecting a new home, how to buy it, the home mortgage loan process to finance it and more. We have assembled over 80 pages of information to help make your first house buying experience a great one.

By taking this course, you will complete the first step for getting all the information you need to buy a home. Everyone experiences some nervousness when buying a first home, but with the base of knowledge you will gain while taking this course we hope this new home will represent just the first of many positive real estate transactions for you. Feel free to take your time and come back to the course whenever you choose. Of course, you may feel free to not read each class and read them out of order if you wish. To get the most from this new home buying course, we do suggest reading each class in the order presented.

You may take this new home buying course in any of three ways:

  1. You may register for the course, take a test after reading all pages and earn a certificate of completion from Financial Firebird if you pass. FREE
  2. You may take the course or read any part of it without registering but you will not be allowed to take the test or earn a certificate. FREE
  3. You may register for the course, take a test after reading all pages and earn a certificate of completion printed on heavy bond paper from Financial Firebird with an official corporate seal if you pass. Because of handling, this option costs $10. We have found the vast majority of lenders accept the certificate as outlined in option 1, saving you the fees needed for this selection.
While you do not need to decide between options 1 & 3 until you are done with the course, you must register before you start if you would like to select either option that yields a certificate. In addition to personal pride of passing the test, remember many mortgage programs require certificates to qualify for their programs. You should check with your lender to see if you need a certificate with the seal, our own certificate or if you do not need certification at all.

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Table of Contents | Homebuyer Course Start Page | Find A Realtor | Budgeting To Buy a Home | Neighborhoods | Find Your First House | Inspect Before You Buy | Shop For a Mortgage Loan | Mortgage Home Loan Process | Credit Score and Credit Report | Home Mortgage Loan Closing | Being a Home Owner

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